Federico ha sido nominado a los premios especiales FISM 2015 en la categoría "Teoría y filosofía de la magia". Los premios FISM se otrogan cada tres años y constituyen el máximo galardón en la comunidad mágica internacional.

      This award appraises the person’s range of creation, not simply in terms of technical invention but also with attention paid to the larger conceptual views that inform that person’s work.
      Prior recipients: 2006, Gaëtan Bloom (France); 2009, Jim Steinmeyer (USA); 2012, Teller (USA)
2015 Nominees:
Derren Brown (England)
Paul Harris (USA)
Finn Jon (Norway)
Tom Stone (Sweden)
Marco Tempest (Switzerland)
      This award recognizes scholarship, assessed both in terms of academic depth and the manner and quality of the distribution of such information.
      Prior recipients: 2006, Eddie Dawes (England); 2009, Bill Kalush (USA); 2012, Mike Caveney (USA)
2015 Nominees:
Denis Behr (Germany)
Magic Christian (Austria)
John Gaughan (USA)
Mitsunobu Matsuyama (Japan)
Stephen Minch (USA)
      This award gives tribute to a person who has approached magic from a viewpoint that is analytical, academic, perhaps even spiritual.
      Prior recipients: 2006, Tommy Wonder (Netherlands); 2009, Juan Tamariz (Spain); 2012, Eugene Burger (USA)
2015 Nominees:
Roberto Giobbi (Switzerland)
Federico Ludueña (Argentina)
Jeff McBride (USA)
Gabi Pareras (Spain)
Markus Zink (Germany)